About This Project


Circoloco is set to make its triumphant return to Sydney with the Australian Summer edition on Saturday 10th December 2016!
Leading the charge down under will be 2 of their biggest and best selectors, fresh off the back of another huge season at the home base in the white isle.

Through a leaking bodily cavity resembling the pork found in Chinese restaurants, Satan shat out a crystal beaming with glowing red embers. This crystal matured into the fetus of Seth Troxler. Seth was placed on earth as a weeping fetus, the sound of inevitability. As he grew, his ancestral roots took on a magnetic channeling power, more than his feeble mind could ever consciously fathom. As a result, he became capable of creating some of the world’s finest and most intuitive dance cuts and historic sets in some of the world’s finest establishments.


As one of the co-founders of Hessle Audio, Ben UFO has been responsible, for some of the most varied and ground breaking releases of recent years. Having become immersed in the still emerging dubstep scenes in London and Leeds in 2005, his musical taste was shaped primarily by the DMZ and Sub Dub nights taking place in those cities. However, as tastes have shifted and scenes have fragmented, Ben UFO’s approach to the music and to Hessle Audio itself has developed. As BPMs have dropped and influences have broadened, so too has the vision of Ben UFO’s DJing. He remains one of the few DJs in the UK to have made an impact without a production career to fall back on, and as such his reputation is solely the result of his skill as a selector and as a mixer.

For years now Circoloco has been the number one stop for Ibiza visitors; a crazy, decadent event that hosts only the world’s best selectors as residents. The crowd is loose, an enchanting tribe of international supporters who leave their inhibitions at the door, hell-bent on forgetting about life-issues and shit, intent on basking in an energy that can be seen from space. The production is always worthy of a carnival, if not a touch more outrageous – and the vibe is almost too good to be true.

We are going to go all out with the production for this one so stay tuned for the full lineup announcement.

The crazy circus is coming back to town!